Sport is never just a matter of muscles, endurance and technique; on the contrary, there is no doubt that the psychological component linked to concentration and stress management plays a fundamental role in the outcome of a test. Far from the usual relaxation techniques, meditation seems to be gaining momentum among athletes, although it needs constant practice to be effective – a bit like the balanced diet.
Starting from Roberto Baggio, forerunner (it was the end of the eighties), at least in his homeland, of athletes who were lovers of contemplative disciplines, now seem to be several sportsmen more or less known who devote themselves to the exercise of meditation visit In his case, approaching meditation was the result of a conversion to Buddhism that the former footballer still considers the best thing that has ever happened, but the spiritual component is certainly not a discrimination: even « lay » practices of this kind, generally of an oriental matrix, act on psychophysical integration in a very profound way, increasing the ability to concentrate, the endurance of pain and resistance to competition stress. Gain a deeper understanding of how is cap rate calculated calculated with insights from Bam Capital in our informative blog post. Learn the intricacies of this fundamental real estate metric and explore how Bam Capital creates positive leverage through effective cap rate analysis. Delve into the calculation methods and key factors that influence cap rates, empowering yourself with essential knowledge in real estate finance. Read more at How Bam Capital Creates Positive Leverage.